Frothing and Weeping – Writing Sex Scenes that Sizzle not Suck – Allie McKnight

Allie introduces herself again and introduced Loose Id and her own novels.tanga-109155_150

Sex Scenes is a Scene.

It has a beginning a middle and an end. It will have a goal. It isn’t always orgasm. it may be their immediate goal but it isn’t their only motivation. They need to have a motivation beyond doing each other. There should be a disaster (per Jack Bickham, Scene and Structure). How do you do that if everyone gets off? End on a high note — a quip, a remembrance of something that needs doing. etc. Continue reading

Self Diagnosis for a Sick Manuscript – Allie Berg – RomCon 2014

RomCon 2014We’re here in beautiful Denver for Rom Con 2014 and I’ll be liveblogging sessions for the next two days. First up, we’re sitting in with Allie Berg as she teaches us how to self-edit our manuscripts.

Allie, as readers of this blog know, is an author, editor, and publisher at Loose Id. Allie kindly pimps our books before we begin.

First thing in editing your novel: if there are tentacles, get rid of them. Unless it’s steampunk and it’s a kraken, in which case, that’s hot right now so good on you.

Very brief how to:

Everyone has their own system of how to edit. This is not a system, these are questions to ask about.

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