Three for You and Me

 He started to root through the basket, popping a piece of chocolate in his mouth as he went. It was oddly sparse of anything he’d consider traditional, with just some dark chocolate pieces to stand for the candy. A postcard of the Vatican was propped up against the side, but there was nothing written on it. Weird thing to send to someone in Rome from Hawaii. Next to that the adjustable leather wrist cuffs were almost reasonable, if inappropriate for Easter. Nestled in the center was a little wrapped box that with the paper gone, ended up being a black-velvet ring box. Curious now, he flicked it open with his thumb.

Then he dropped it like it had burned him.

Nestled in the creamy satin, two rings sat side by side, one bright and the other dark, each set with three stones—diamond and onyx. Three stones for you and me. Three for I love you.

Promises are funny things. We make them with the best of intentions, as though we can control the future, set our fates on a course and guarantee that it will never swerve or change. But a promise is only a wish, a hope sent into the future. Continue reading

Putting a Face on it

I’m a visual person. I learn best by reading, looking, trying. I love music but unless I’m concentrating or I have the lyrics in front of me, I’ll never remember the words. So that’s why it’s so important for me to have a strong inspiration piece for each character before I begin. Obviously, the resemblance ends at the face in most cases but having a starting point helps me build. Continue reading