Cherry Adair – Master Class – RomCon University 2014

For a copy of the workshop suitable for working along with Cherry, you can download it at Also get her master document for novel organization.

Plotters versus Pantsers

No one wants to read 17 chapters of interior design.

When Cherry had to write four books in a year, she had to become a Plotter instead of a pantser. In order to write fast, she needs a plan.  This workshop is good for both people who need to plot first, and for people who pants to learn structure.

26 important elements of your novel – (I’m not writing all of them but they all need to be in your books.) They include Black Moments, Plot, Scene Goal (witpots), story goal. Some of this you MUST be a plotter for. You can’t write fast or efficiently without a plan. Continue reading

RomCon 2014 & RomCon University Coverage Schedule

Hello my lovelies! I’m off to RomCon this week for some education and fun. As you’ve seen, I’ll be liveblogging my sessions so as to share the joy. Where will I be when? Follow me on Twitter or check back to this post for links to the posts as they go up.

Workshop #7 – Self Diagnosis for a Sick Manuscript – Editing Tips with Loose Id’s Allie McKnight 

Workshop #8 – Special 3 Hour Master Event- The Ultimate Plotting Workshop with Cherry Adair


Workshop #13 – Frothing & Weeping, Writing Sex Scenes that Make you sizzle, not Shudder with Loose Id’s Allie McKnight

Workshop #15 – Alternative Lifestyles Panel