Putting a Face on it

I’m a visual person. I learn best by reading, looking, trying. I love music but unless I’m concentrating or I have the lyrics in front of me, I’ll never remember the words. So that’s why it’s so important for me to have a strong inspiration piece for each character before I begin. Obviously, the resemblance ends at the face in most cases but having a starting point helps me build.

Kick the Past by Lily EdwardsFor Kick the Past, I was drawing on two archetypes — the by the book CIA agent and the renegade soldier. That meant it was all that much more important for me to have a strong look. For Gabriela, I turned to Mexican actresses. I wanted a woman who was strong, beautiful but not delicate. Telenovella actresses gave me the goods.

Austin needed something between All-American boy and spy-cool polish. He’s the guy with the clean cut hair and the steady aim. Cable spy shows had the answer there and eventually that vague ideal solidified into Austin — blond hair, gray eyes, lean and just a little dangerous.

Trusting Loose Id with my cover was easy as pie. A few basic details and they turned around a gorgeous cover that I couldn’t be happier with. Artist Syneca Featherstone is a true gem and a pure delight. I hope you like the cover as much as I do. This is one book that you’re welcome to judge by its hot, gorgeous cover.


Kick the Past will be available from Loose Id on April 8, 2014