My Process – Blog Hop

Good heavens, that’s sounds so snobbish, doesn’t it? Hello, my lovelies. You are amazing today.
writing tools by Pete O'Shea on Flickr
Last week, Allie Berg tagged me in a blog hop on the writing process. She also gave a nice little explanation of what said blog hop actually is, so I’ll borrow that here. (You’ll have to follow the link to read the rest of her process though.)

But what is a blog hop, actually? We toss the term out like so many others and assume newbies and readers know what it means. Maybe some do. It’s not a complicated concept: a group of bloggers agree to a topic, someone writes a post, and tags other authors who’ve agreed to post, they post, lather rinse repeat. It’s actually more of a blog tree than a hop for authors. It’s the readers who (theoretically) travel from post to post to see what we all say.

That said, I suppose it’s my turn to answer the four questions of the blog hop. Continue reading